Mobile App for Cameras

In addition to using the camera viewer on our website from your computer, you can now use your Apple or Android device to connect to our cameras.  Just download our free app by clicking the link below.

Android App

Apple App

STEP 1 – Download from App Store: Q-See QC View

STEP 2 – Tap the triple-equals bar in the upper left corner

STEP 3 – Tap the Device Manager option

STEP 4 – Tap on the PLUS icon in the upper right corner

STEP 5 – Tap on CAMERA

STEP 6 – Tap on the Wired Device button

STEP 7 – Tap on the IP/Domain option

STEP 8 – The following screen needs to be configured exactly as
you see below, depending on which center you want to connect to. Your
username and password needs to be entered as it was assigned to you by
our staff. Do not use johnsmith!

120th Street, Omaha, NE 27th Street, Council Bluffs, IA

STEP 9 – Tap on the Start Live Preview button

STEP 10 – You’ll now see a preview of the first four cameras
If you tap on the icon at the bottom with the number 4 in a square, you’ll have the option
to select 9 cameras. Doing so will display the rest of the cameras.

STEP 11 – Double-tap on any camera to show just that camera full screen

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