Toddler ScheduleDSC_0086

Toddlers (18 months to 3 years in Omaha and 24 months to 3 years in Council Bluffs)

• Social Interaction – playing and sharing with other children
• Gaining Independence – teaching a nd allowing children to do things on their own, with help if needed
• Learn to Explore and Experiment – discovering things in their environment and thinking about how they work
• Learn to Deal with Emotions a nd Frustration – hitting, biting and throwing
• Matching and sorting colors
• Fine Motor Skills – puzzles and blocks
• Understanding Quantity – one block, two dolls
• Exploring Senses – tasting, feeling, smelling and hearing sounds in their environment
• Language Development – understanding the most simple sentences spoke to them, learning to speak in three to five word sentences and
carrying on simple conversations.


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